Friday, August 31, 2007


New hair and new living room arrangement...

Can we say, Nerves!

Today has been, to say the least, enlightening. But that gives a positive connotation. Let's just say I got an ear-full, but overall it is not my fault or the fault of my department (I did have their support). But, wow, what a learning experience. Just in case you ever wondered who should be included on sex offender notification, please include legal!!! Just so you know I am not in trouble nor did I get in trouble, it was more of a vent session. So during lunch I brought my colleague and myself coffee from Starbucks. We need something to sooth our raw nerves.

I am posting on my lunch break. I'm going to share with you pictures of my sweet little fam at 1818, who bring me comfort.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Maiden Voyage

Shout out to Audra Laney for urging me to begin blogging! I've been wanting to begin for a while now. I didn't think I had anything interesting enough to blog about, but oh well. I guess I'll try to entertain you with our lovely little life in the 'Gump!
I guess explaining the title of the blog would be helpful. In college one of my friends called me "Hilarious." And Leigh (my sister) thinks we have a crazy dog (Lucy) and if it wasn't for Lucy, Justin could fulfill that role! Now, Mama :), I'm sure you thinking..."'Tails!' It should be 'TALES!'" But since our families (both sides) believe we are totally smitten by Lucy-Loo and are now offically "dog people," I thought it would be appropriate.

For the first post Justin suggested that we further define "tails." So here are pictures he chose for clarity...(I'll let you decide which tail belongs to whom)

Mama and Leigh...I know you are shock...


Haha!! Here it is...we'll see how it goes. It may take a few days to get it going!