Saturday, May 31, 2008


Jennifer, Mark and Brock stopped by last weekend for a quick visit. It was SO good to see them! It had been since January since I had seen Jen and quite a bit longer since I had seen Mark and Brock. Brock has grown so much and is ADORABLE!!!! He had a great time exploring the underside of our dinner table and tried out his standing up skills. We also had some cuddle, tickle time, which was precious. His laugh is better than candy!! I could have tickled him all day just to hear him laugh. Jen and I got caught up and I am so excited...they have accepted a position at Timberlane first/home congregation in Tallahassee, FL! Timberlane holds a special place in my heart. Daddy helped build the church and the very first Sunday they met in the building, I was born! Grandma and Papa are long time members and when we go to visit them, it just like old times! We love our Timberlane Family!! I know Mark and Jen are going to love it there, besides, Tallahassee is beautiful! So good luck to the Butts Family! And thanks for stopping by last weekend. I got some cute pictures of Brock...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Post Date: Mother's Day

We had the honor of Mama & Grandma coming to us for Mother's Day! It was great! We basically visited, shopped & ate! I hadn't see Geems and Pops since Christmas, so it was an overdue visit. Leigh & I cooked with weekend away prepare for the special moms in our lives.
Mama is definitely one of my BFFs. I can't keep anything from her! I have loved how our relationship has grown since I've been married. She is such a hard worker and always has other's in mind, quite selfless. There's nothing like a hug from Mama either, in fact, I need one now (good thing I'll be seeing you soon). Thank you for being such an awesome Mama! I wouldn't be who I am without you!!

Geems is the best too! She is the epitome of a "grandma." She spoils us in every way. She is selfless as well, Mama got it naturally. Grandma is the best cook and she is always up for a good time! Thank you for coming to see me Geems!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On Sunday...

we got to visit with Lisa Shaffer & her little girl Sonora! It was such a great time. Sonora is just as precious as ever. She was quite the star at church; she "sings" along with everyone else, sometimes she forgets to stop though. She was really good and adorable in her Sunday dress. After lunch we hung out here at the house and went on a walk. The best part was watching Sonora "crawl." Her crawl is more of a scoot/army crawl. Here is a video of it along with some pictures. Thanks for visiting Lisa & Sonora-we loved spending time with you!!


Monday, May 5, 2008


This weekend a group of us from church headed to Chewacla State Park for a camp out. It's been in the works for a few months and everything went as planned. We feasted on hot dogs, s'mores, zebra cakes & chips. Our entertainment consisted of watching the dogs. They were all hilarious. Emmy (Murray's dog) rules the roost. After a late night of chatting around the fire we headed off to a good nights rest.

Justin cooked a fabulous breakfast in the morning, after Ashley called us on her cell phone from 3 tents over, requesting coffee :) We had bacon, sausage, toast, scrambled eggs and espresso. It was so good. Breakfast is my favorite, but it's even better while camping! We received notice of the coming storm (about an hour), so we decided to pack up and head for the falls. We made it down to the falls, but it was getting darker and darker. The guys decided to scale the falls. As soon as they made it to the top, it began to thunder and turn really dark. They high-tailed it down and the girls took off for the car. It was a pretty steep incline, but we made great time. By the time we got to the car it began to rain. It was perfect timing.

We had a great time, I just wish it could have been longer. Thanks to everyone that came!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Curb Appeal

Around early-mid April Justin and I decided it was time to get our front yard into shape. The top photos are right after we planted and the bottom photos are as of today. The impatients are beautiful and really stand out. They are blooming and blooming! The planters (there are two that flank the sidewalk to our house) are filled with sweet potato vine, sweet william and fountain grass.
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Garden Progress

This is a poor attempt at before and afters of the garden. The first picture is the before (around early-mid April), followed by the after, which is our current status (May 01). The last 5 pictures are from the very beginning of the garden.
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Baby Laney - Part II