Friday, June 20, 2008

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Justin and I enjoyed last week relaxing on the beach with my family. It truly was ultimate relaxation. A typical day went as follows: sleep as late as you would like, eat when you would like, snack when you would like, head down to the beach when you would like, stay as long as you would like, cool off in the pool as long as you would like, sit under the beautiful oaks overlooking the ocean as long as you would like, eat dinner when you would like, play game as late into the night as you would like, fish around the clock as much as Justin & Daddy would like. Are you relaxed? I am finally coming round to being back in reality. Monday I think I still had a dreamy look on my face.

Jekyll Island is, of course, on the Atlantic Ocean. I had not visited the Atlantic since I was in middle school (we have favored the beautiful Gulf Coast). Jekyll Island is mostly a wildlife preserve and not commercial or over developed. Most of the hotels are older and many have been redone. There are no high rises and only a few restaurants. Mom and Dad had a kitchen in their room, so we ate in. Which is awesome. I loved not having to get gussied up every night and you can stay out on the beach until the sun goes down. No time constraints.

Our hotel was in a beautiful setting, on the beach separated only by aged live oak trees. It was ideal. If you were too hot on the beach you could cool off under the trees in an Adirondack chair or head to the pool and choose a shady or sunny spot. Our room was on the very end closest to the beach. It had a big window, so we could sit in our bed and view the ocean. It was great!

Justin and Daddy fished and fished and fished and fish and fished some more. They would fish all day and head back out again at night. Justin even got in some early morning fishing (my family prefers sleeping in). Once they realized that the waters surrounding Jekyll were shark spawning grounds, the fishing was a lot more successful. Both caught sharks!! Needless to say, I never got above knee deep...I'm not really a big fan of the "big blue."

If you are not into commercialism or all the bells and whistles that come with "the strip," then Jekyll is a place you would enjoy. We certainly did. It was good especially for Justin to get away and rest. He needed it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Dash

We were so lucky that we were able to make a quick trip down to Jacksonville while on vacay to see Jenny and her PRECIOUS baby! Dasher Everett is beautiful and I'm in love. I wish I could see him every day. And see Jenny every day. She looked fabulous and Dash was only 3 weeks!

I love the history behind Dash's name. Dasher comes from Derek's family who settled Dasher, GA. Not only did these Scots settle the land, they also established the church there. Derek and Jenny felt that this was heritage that should be honored (amen). Everette is after Jenny's dearest "Uncle" Ted. Uncle Ted suddenly passed away while we were in college. Everette was his middle name and also means "strength." I love names that have family and sentimental connections! Good job JD.

Okay on to the pictures...I'm warning you Dash is super yumminess!!!

First Harvest

We made our first harvest before we left for vacation last week. Leigh picked a bell pepper to take with us on our trip. It was monumental! All pictures are from June 5th. There has been A LOT of change since.
When we returned we hardly recognized the garden it had grown!!! We were able to harvest 3 tomatoes, which we feasted upon straightway (like that KJV?). They were small, but DELICIOUS!

This weekend we are planning on some garden maintenance, so I'll probably have more pictures later. (see the baby cukes?)

Monday, June 2, 2008

How does your garden grow?

Quite well, thank you. Our garden has taken off this past week. Our tomato plants a laden with fruit, a baby zucchini has been spotted, bell peppers are close to pickin' and the corn has tassels! We are thrilled!!! Last weekend we put up netting to keep the birds and squirrels out. Birds love to peck the tomatoes and squirrels love to steal the fruit. So we are keeping them out! Although, Monday we actually caught a bird, thankfully it did no damage. It was busy trying to get out and we had to help it. We also put up a web for the peas to grow up. I saw the idea on a craft blog and it turned out so neat! We love it. It adds interest to our beautiful garden. See for yourself...