Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You finally look pregnant

That's the comment I've been getting this week. It's so funny, it goes from you're not showing at all to, you're getting so big!! There are certainly a standard array of pregnancy comments, sometimes they get old, but I know that everyone is just expressing their excitement and I appreciate that. Although, the "you're getting FAT!" comment is not one I appreciate. I'm working on a comeback. Let me try it out here. It goes something like, "so are you!" Not a winner? No, I guess not either. But the fact is, I've only gained 7 pounds. I'm pretty sure that doesn't equal FAT.
Justin has been feeling her light kicks, but Sunday she gave it her all and let him have it. It was great. I've notice her kicks are consistently much stronger than before. Today I had a strange sensation, I think she was stretching!
I also wanted to praise God for providing for us (over and beyond what He already does). My wonderful hubby got a bonus this week! His boss said it was because of his hard work! How awesome is that?!! Reason 1: Justin deserves the recognition; he is SUCH a hard worker. 2: we have been praying specifically for some extra funds and 3: God softens hearts that we think are not soft. Thank you GOD!
Okay, now for the picture. I think the bump looks different depending on what I wear. Sometimes I feel like I just have a pot belly. Here I am or rather we are at 22 weeks:

Monday, August 18, 2008

20 Week Pics

Sorry for the delay. I had to scan the images onto a CD to be able to post them. Here is our darling little girl!
I think her nose is the cutest!

These are her feet. Crossed and lady like.

We're starting the modesty lesson early, so I won't post the "money" shot.

She's flexing her muscle for us. See her bicep?

Also, Justin sent me flowers! I received them before the big u/s. Isn't he so sweet?!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

IT'S A...

stay tuned for pictures of our little girl!

Monday, August 4, 2008

So what's up with baby

Pregnancy has been treating me very kind so far. I received my first pregnancy comment today! I had a flat tire and the dude from AAA changing the tire asked how many months I was. Bold, but I didn't mind one bit. Next week I'll be 5 months, so it's about time for me to start showing. I had another question at a meeting at work today. A guy from another agency asked when I was due, I hadn't seen him in months. He was a little nervous asking, since he wasn't sure. Once it got around the meeting that I was pregnant, at the next break the facilitator said, "The pregnant lady would appreciate a break!" I could have done without that one AND the facilitator was a woman! Anywho, we decided to skip the break and the associate commissioner asked if I was going to be okay with that. Wasn't that sweet and thoughtful? (Although somewhat embarrassing) Since I received those comments it confirmed my thoughts that I had "popped" over the weekend. There is a big difference between last week and this week. I'm wearing the same dress for consistency.
WEEK 18:WEEK 19:
My appointment with the midwife went great. She was super sweet and spent a great deal of time with us. She was with us the entire appointment and we saw no one else! She said I was measuring 18 weeks, right on schedule. We heard the heart beat again and it was perfect! She went over my entire medical records with the two of us and patiently explained everything and answered all the questions we had. We told her we weren't so sure about the due date; we thought it would be later, but she did all the figuring and came up with the same dates. I now know my blood type and I don't have to have the RP shot, which was concerning me, since my grandmother had to have them. I guess concerned is a strong word, I was very curious. I haven't been all worried about every little thing. Today I signed up for our birthing and breastfeeding classes. They will be in October and November, which seems far away, but they will be here before we know it!
I've felt the baby move for the first time 2 weeks ago at work! It felt like a marble rolling around in my stomach. Since then I have felt the classic, "gassy" feeling that was the baby. Most of the time though, it tickles my tummy! The baby seems to do the most movement after I've eaten fruit! Although, today I've felt the baby move a lot. I have felt 3 strong kicks, but nothing that could be felt externally. I can't wait until Justin can feel the baby; he is being so patient.
We've begun our preparations for the baby's room. Justin had all of his clothes in the "nursery" and I transferred them all to our room! Can we say reorganization?! The nesting has kicked in and Justin nor I mind. It's a good thing! We won't do anything else until we know what we are having (unless the baby refuses to cooperate). We find out the baby's gender on August 11th...ONE WEEK away! I can't wait. I haven't had any baby dreams and I have no gut feeling. It's going to be a big surprise!

It's not from being bored...

We've had plenty going on, I just haven't been into blogging. I haven't even really been blog stalking. Really! Instead of giving a blow-by-blow, I'll have a few pictures to summarize our life the past month. The only thing I don't have a picture of is our anniversary. Can you believe I let it pass without blogging about it OR taking pictures??! We went to the Cheesecake Factory and shopping for the big day. It was nice to get away and spend quality time with each other. We have had a wonderful 5 years!! And as everyone likes to tell us, or lives will never be the same, so you better enjoy this "last one."

tubing with Mama & Leigh (not pictured: Justin, Daddy, Uncle Larry, Aunt Donna)
Kama (Justin's sister) came for a wonderful visit and brought her doggies.
"Cousin Camp": Lucy, Sage, Mongo
Bethany's wedding (Our friend from MS State)
At the wedding w/ Brad & Lindsay Abbott (she's my mod friend;)