Monday, September 22, 2008

Under 99 Days!

Yikes! Time is running out. I can't believe I'm almost to the third trimester. Justin and I both want to put on the breaks, futile I know. I had an appointment today with the glucose test. The "Glucola" wasn't terrible, but after the second drink it was like syrup. I made it and will find out the results later. I was measuring 27 weeks, one week ahead of schedule! With all the sugar (that she rarely gets) she was kicking like crazy during the exam. She was kicking the monitor hard. The midwife even commented on it. (Picture: 25 weeks)

On another exciting note, we decided her name!! Justin really wanted to tell, so I gave in. Her name is Juliet Adeana. We chose Juliet because it is a beautiful name, classic, but not over used. It's never been on the top 100 list. And Adeana is my middle name and my mom's name. We'll be calling her Juliet.

This weekend Leigh and I went on a fabric hunting trip to Birmingham. It was successful even though I didn't find anything! It confirmed that what I had picked in my first fabric hunting trip was what I liked the best. Now on to paint color!!

Justin had his wisdom teeth removed on Friday. He did great and is doing good. The pain meds made him sick, but once he stopped taking it, he was good to go. Such a trooper, he was back at work today.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

24 inch I let it hang, i'm off the chain...

My blog title is tribute to Jibb's rap, Chain Hang Low. If you haven't heard it, please go listen.
24 Weeks! What a difference a week makes. In stead of hearing, "you're finally showing!" I now hear "you're already that big?" or "does your doctor know you're that big?" All I can say is, the gall...

On the other hand I have heard nice things like, "you've got a little basketball" or "you're so cute!" I prefer these comments by far...who wouldn't?

Justin and I completed a major task last weekend; we registered! We went Friday night and Saturday morning to complete our registries at Target and Babies-r-us. We also started reading to the baby each night. Leigh got us the cutest Dr. Seuss book to read, "Oh Baby The Places You'll Go." Baby girl loved it, kicking up storm. She also was really excited about Governor Palin's speech at the RNC last week, lots of activity! We can even see her kicks on the outside now!!

Okay, pic of the tummy. I (Justin) took two. One in the regular dress and another in a different outfit to see if there was any difference. Now that I've loaded the pictures, I look a little bit tired. This was post Jazzercise and shower...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

6 Random Things

Audra tagged me a few back, so here are my 6 random responses...

(1) Whenever I'm out in public, eating out, shopping, etc. I try to determine people's relationship to each other and what they are discussing. I can come up with a huge story in a matter of seconds.

(2) At one point in time in my life, I didn't want to have kids. FYI that opinion did change before we found out we were expecting.

(3) I love wrapping Christmas gifts. Is there such a thing as a gift wrapping business??

(4) I'm excited that, for the first time, I get to put a campaign sign in my yard!

(5) I mowed the lawn for the first time in my life November 2006 and haven't done it again (but not because I didn't like it).

(6) I love to tickle. I hope our little girl is ticklish and laughs like my friend Jennifer's baby, Brock.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Squirrel Hunting

What do you do on your day off? How about squirrel hunting? Justin and Lucy enjoyed a morning of our back yard.

The crib is in the crib

Justin's parents came to visit us this holiday weekend and brought us our crib!!! It is so beautiful and of course, we had to put it together this weekend. I love it! We decided to go with one that was accessible on two sides. The plan is to have it in the middle of the room. It's a little squished in the room right now, we've got to get the current furniture out soon. I still haven't pick out my colors although I have found some cute material, but I've got to do more shopping around.

We also got the dresser. We found it at a local antique store, lots of drawers and the perfect height for a changing table. We are going to paint it white to match the crib. It's hanging out at the store still, but we'll pick it up soon. We also found an armorie there, but we're not sure if it can be painted of not. The finish is questionable, but they've offered it to us at 50% off!! That is very tempting.
Lucy wanted to help.
Family event.
Nice drawer!
Aw, the fam...
dresser at antique store