Saturday, October 25, 2008

Forever and Ever, Amen.

I've never seen much value in investing money in music, especially concerts. It's never been something important to me. My sister on the other hand, is a music lover and definitely invests. Justin would invest too. I haven't been to many concerts. Here's my list:
Dolly Parton (my first; in elementary school)
Kenny Rogers
Nickel Creek (3x)
Robert Randolph and the Family Band (terrible)
Yesterday at work I received an offer to 4 free Randy Travis tickets for Friday night! Now, as you know, I'm not one for concerts, but a free one to an old classic? Count me in. Randy fits right into my concert list. We invited our friends Eliot and Ashley Murray to join us and they remember listening to Randy growing up too! Justin's mama loved RT, so he was familiar with his music as well. The opening act was a local guy. He was, um...let's just leave it at that.

Ashley said once she heard "Diggin' Up Bones" she'd be set. I wanted to hear "Forever and Ever Amen." On to RT, opening song, "Diggnin' Up Bones!" This was such a fun concert because everybody knew all the words and sang along. I had forgotten just how many hits he had. It was really amazing. He sang 2 songs that weren't his and 2 songs of new material, but most of them were classics. He was great. He can't get as low as he use to, which I think is one of the reasons women were crazy about him...'cause he sure isn't good looking. Midway through the show he sang "My Love Is Deeper Than the Ocean." It was so good and I had to share with Mama on the phone. RT closed out with "Forever and Ever, Amen."

Of course he came back for an encore. He sang two more songs. While he was singing he shook hands and even gave his autograph! Once the encore was over he stayed on stage to shake more hands and give more autographs. I was really impressed; he knows who pays the bills...the fans!

There was a group of women two rows ahead that thought this was a rowdy, drunken concert. It wasn't. It was a intimate setting in an auditorium. They were so loud at one point you couldn't hear! I told them to be quite, and they didn't like that much. Ashley said she had money on me...but they did settle down for a while and then cranked back up again. She was so loud at one point that RT heard her and made a comment! Justin informed security, who were there within minutes and told them to settle down. Rowdy girl decided to take her beer home early, thank goodness. Our area clapped when she left.


What A Deal!!

Progress on the nursery is being made. Justin is doing a great job painting. All that's left to buy is the glider, furniture-wise. We know where we want to get it and are just waiting for me to decide on the bedding. I thought I knew what I wanted, but it's changed. We had already painted the room a very light blue, so I've got to find bedding to match the color. That's hard. I think I'm going to get something from Pottery Barn. So, once I get the bedding in, I'll be able to begin decorating. Our living room and dining room is still filled with Juliet's gifts! It's going to be good when we can sequester all baby things in one room. Of course, once she gets here, that will be impossible. Oh, well. One can dream.

We got the deal of the century last weekend. I was out running errands (I use running very figuratively) and decided to stop by Haverty's because they were having a warehouse sale. I was looking for an armoire. We found one we liked at an antique store, but we didn't know if the finish would take paint and it had a few small hangups. We waited long enough to make a decision, that it was gone. So it was back to the drawing board. Since the antique stores in the area didn't have what we needed, I thought we might have to go with a real furniture store. Which automatically registered as a lot more money. I walk around the clearance furniture and at the very end of my journey, there it is. It's perfect, white, and girly, but not in our price range. It wasn't too far out, so I chatted with the sales lady. She chuckled at what I wanted to spend, but I thought, it's on clearance, they are ready to get rid of it, so I'm not showing all my cards. She said she would call me Monday when she talked to her manager and give me the best price. Once I got home I told Justin about it and we began to get furniture fever. What if the perfect piece was gone? It's a hard piece to find and we've found it! We talked ourselves out of the urge, thanks to Dave Ramsey, and we decided Justin would go back later that night, with a set amount of cash, not too much below the asking price and see if they would sell it to him. He managed to avoid the same sales lady I had and began working his mojo. The sales lady said it was a no go and she would call him with the best price the manager could offer later...Sunday afternoon we're shopping in WalMart (the place of death). Justin gets a call from the sales lady at 3:30. She's going to let us have it at 50% of the sales price! What?!!! SOLD!!!!!!!! The manager had given the sales associates a one day 50% off coupon to use on any one customer that day. Evidently the sales lady had not made any sales and she knew we would be a sure fire sale. She gave us an hour to get there. We did all of our grocery shopping in 20 minutes. I was behind the buggy limping as we sped through the rows. We made it in time and became the proud owners of this sweet armoire...the best deal we've ever made!

Doors open to a hanging area.
Sweet little details
The swags are also the drawer pulls

Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Baby Shower!!

Last Sunday was my first baby shower! It was so exciting!! Mama, Daddy, Geems, Papa, CeCe and Pops (Justin's parents) all came for the occasion! It was a weekend packed with girly activities. All the girls went to Birmingham shopping on Saturday. That was tiring enough! Then Sunday was a FULL day too. The shower was so wonderful! Our church family is so generous! The hostesses did a beautiful job. Everything was so special.
Me with the hostesses
Mama gave me the dress I came home in for Juliet!
Kama gave us an adorable diaper bag.
All the goodies!
Leigh, CeCe, Me, Mama, Grandma
Justin tries it on for size.
Quilt the ladies at church put together.
How cute is this?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Infinity and Beyond @ 27 weeks

Last week I was fortunate enough to hear Captain James Lovell speak at Faulkner University's Benefit Dinner. He was an astronaut on Apollo 8 and 13. Of course, Apollo 13 is immortalized in a movie and Captain Lovell is played by Tom Hanks. His story is amazing and Juliet totally enjoyed it! She couldn't keep still (it might have had to do with the sugar in the Sprite and the coffee I ingested). Anywho, Captain Lovell gave a very calm recital of his doomed trip to the moon. He painted a very calm picture. He said that when he realized the oxygen was escaping from the tank into space, he felt the sinking feeling in his stomach. He said, "you know when you feel like you have a piece of lead going down your stomach?" What??? No I cannot relate! One, I have never been in a life-or-death situation (and I never want to be). Second, you were in SPACE!!! Space alone would do it for me! Upon reflection, if he had given a scary gloom and doom speech, it probably wouldn't have been an uplifting or enjoyable evening. I am really glad that I was able to hear this part of America's space history!

27 weeks has brought on a new pain....walking! So fun. It's not too bad, but I've got to get warmed up before I can walk normally. I skipped Jazzercise because I didn't know how it the world I would dance if I could barely walk. I'm headed back tomorrow in hopes that exercise works it out.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple Picking

Every year we try to head up to North Georgia to go apple "picking" with Mama and Daddy. It has always been one of my favorite fall activities that I look forward to and now, Justin loves it just as much. There is a stretch of highway near Ellijay, Georgia that is lined with apple groves and roadside apple barns. Since my family has been going for years, we know our favorite stops. This year there was a new place we decided to stop at and I'm sure glad we did! Their fried apple pies and fritters were super! I also got my favorite apple bread and new this year we purchased some apple donuts...awesome! We also stopped at our usual and they had added a new feature...the apple cannon. Justin couldn't leave without find out what that could be. In the middle of the apple orchard is a gun powered by an air compressor that shoots out apples. Sounds crazy, but it's fun! The whole family gave it a shot and if you were able to hit a target you would get a free gallon of cider or 1/2 peck of apples. Guess who hit the target?...Leigh!! Following our apple fun, we headed to the most "yuppy" place of all, Bert's Pumpkin Patch. It's my favorite. Pumpkins in every shape, size and color cover the ground. We also visited the falls and then headed for Leigh's birthday dinner in Blue Ridge. We ate at Repaz and it was so good! Needless to say, I was pooped! At 26 weeks, I am beginning to feel the extra weight...

Justin & I reading to Juliet, so Mama & Daddy can feel her move.
26 weeks
The apple cannon champ!
Bert's Pumpkin Patch
Rightfully named Blue Ridge Mountains