Saturday, November 22, 2008

Empathy Belly

At our last birthing class it was Justin's turn to feel a little bit of what I'm feeling. It's great that the husbands get to do this, come to find out, some guys are so sympathetic. Justin has been wonderful. For most of this pregnancy he's been fixing me breakfast and usually serves it in bed. I'm getting up later and later. Our teacher asked if I had something I wanted him to do and Justin said, "I've been good! I even traded sides of the bed with her!!"

Bending down is getting difficult and if I do it too much, it hurts! Sorting laundry is the worst. I sat on the floor last night and did it. ha! Anyways, our birthing class teacher, Mary Jane, was hilarious. "Suiting" the dads up was her favorite part of every class. She would have them sit on the floor, take off their shoes, lay down, get up, pick up "socks" or whatever she could think of!

To put on the empathy belly suit, first a band is wrapped around their lungs, after they exhale. Then a 30 pound suit is strapped on their body and finally a "bladder" is inserted. The "bladder" presses right on their bladder to give them the feeling of constant pressure. The Dads were good sports and some were really funny to watch. All the Dads struggled the most with the bladder issue. That part is what I struggle with too!!

Justin getting suited up

Showing off his figure

Feeling empathic

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Time to Play!

What day will Juliet arrive?
When will she make her appearance?
How much will she weigh?
How long will she be?

You can make your guesses now! A prize will be given to the winner!!

Click on the link below to enter:

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nursery, Me & Updates

Be sure to check out all 3 posts I published today. All are worth reading ;)

I haven't posted a picture of me in a few weeks. I keep on forgetting and we are super busy! We have birthing and breastfeeding classes, doctor appointments, showers, church, church events, work, setting up the nursery and being tired!!
me @ 33 weeks

Last week I went for my 32 week check up and everything is going well. I'm measuring right on 32 weeks. Two weeks previous I was still measuring 28 weeks, so I've/Juliet has done some growing lately. The midwife thinks she is already head down! Because I am carrying so low, I thought she wouldn't have any room to drop. I posed those thoughts to the midwife and she said, "Oh, she still has plenty of room to drop." Oh, fun.

The good news is that Juliet has shifted off my left leg and it isn't painful to walk! Yea!! I'm still a bit stiff and sometimes I have to get warmed up, but it is so much better. I have to stretch often. My hamstrings and gluts get so tight. Justin assists in the stretches. We look like were on the football field prepping for a game. It is really difficult to get on the floor and it's so hard! Imagine that.

Juliet has hiccups often, at least 2 times a day. I couldn't sleep this morning and while I was awake (@3 am) she had them again. It's not surprising she has them so often. I get them a lot too. I've had them over an hour before, it makes you sore! She's also moving around quite a bit. My ribs aren't taking too much of a beating yet. But on the other hand I have heart burn often. I don't think it's as bad as some have it though. I can calm it down with 1 or 2 Tums. Thank goodness for Tums, but I am so sick of the fruit flavor, it makes me gag.

The nursery is coming together! This is so exciting!! Justin and Daddy finished painting it while the girls were at the shower. They did a great job! I'm still not sure about the furniture arrangement, especially with a glider and ottoman on the way. I am still on the hunt for fabric for the curtains. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I decided not to go with having the bedding made. It would have been quite frivolous of me to have it done. I found something from Pottery Barn that I liked. It's not quite as "fru-fru" as I wanted, but I still like it. I've set a few things up and Leigh and I made the crib last night!! I even began the first loads of her laundry! I would like to have the nursery mostly done before December. I cannot believe there are only 7 more weeks! We're havin' a baby!!!
Painted & the furniture is in!
Bedding choice
Dresser/Changing Table with fresh baby laundry!
Bookcase and fireplace arrangement.
Closeup of the poster the message.
Here is a link to view it better:
A precious lady at church made these letters for Juliet.
Juliet's library!

Once Upon a Time

Last weekend we once again celebrated the coming of Miss Juliet. Leigh gave me a darling storybook shower. It was perfect! Leigh, of course, is the perfect party planner and with the assistance of Ashley Murry, threw an amazing tea party. It was decorated adorably...I'll let the pictures tell that story. Using favorite stories from our childhood, Leigh correlated each tasty treat with a book. For example, Mama's favorite book to read to us was "Good Night Moon." Leigh and I always thought the moon looked like sliced cucumbers, so beside the cucumber sandwiches was a picture of the book "Good Night Moon." "Hop on Pop" was another favorite. Beside it was sausage balls, which is (soon to be pop) Justin's favorite treat. Some were a bit easier to get such as some amazing chocolate, chocolate chip cookies called Chocolate Oodles next to "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie." I had that book memorized by-the-way. We played some wonderfully fun games, Storybook Charades, Find the Bottle (tiny bottles were hidden around the room and we had to find them) and Guess This Baby Food Flavor. And everyone assisted in building Juliet's library with a book or three! I was a beautiful day and was so thankful family and friends traveled for the special occasion.

Beautiful parties happen here...

The beautiful centerpiece

Tea is served...Monk's Blend Tea is the best & the little dress is what Mama & Daddy brought Leigh home in.

Carrot Cake: Pat the Bunny

Cinderella & Cucumber Sandwiches: Good Night Moon

Another flower arrangement in the same bootie vase Mama received flowers in while in the hospital giving birth.

Dorothy looking over the scones.

Leigh, me [& Juliet @ 32 weeks] and Ashley

Leigh, me [& Juliet] and Mama

Little Red Riding Hood conceals a baby bottle in her basket.
Aunt "Sister" acting out The Digginest Dog.

Aunt Becky and I sample the unidentified baby food...mixed green veggies, yuck!

Rachel writes a sweet message to Juliet.

A book for Juliet from Aunt Kama.

Lucy gave Juliet a book too, I Can Teach My Dog 100 Words.

A surprise from Mama, Daddy, & Leigh...a glider to sit in to read to Juliet!!
Juliet's first picture with her BFFs, Sonora & Wynn.

Lisa & Sonora, Me [& Juliet], Jan & Wynn.


As the Nation selected a new leader last week, it made my heart heavy, even fear crept in. A leader who is the number one advocate of all types of abortion, adheres to socialistic economic policies, and has disdain for nuclear capabilities (just to name a few) is going to take the most powerful office in the world in a few short months. What is ahead for America? Just how much will our lives be affected or changed? Change. America wanted Change, and Change is what we will get, for better or for worse.

As a Christian I am choosing to view this change in a different light. As a Christian I am called to view this in a different light. There is no one greater than our Lord God Almighty. If God is before me, who can be against me? I will not fear. As a Christian, my light should shine brighter than it ever has. This is an opportunity to show that even in times of hardship, I still have joy, I still have hope. God has not promised that our lives are going to be easy, but He has promised eternal life free from the toils of this world. We have been SO blessed. God has shown so much mercy. Have you realized just how much? Is the realization and thankfulness of God's mercy enough to sustain you?

This is a time when the "rubber meets the road." It has become, increasingly so, unpopular to be a Christian in America. The lines will be clearly defined. Who do you serve God or man? Those who choose to serve God will be those who are truly committed to Jesus Christ. It will be a time of rejuvenation for the church. Those who choose to serve the Living God will choose to do so not because it's something they think they should do, they were raised that way or because it's cool. Those that serve God will be more than Christian in name, but a Christian in word and in deed. That would be refreshing. Restoring the true meaning of Christian.

I will be praying for Barack Obama more than any president I have ever prayed for and I prayed a lot for ole "Dub-ya." One of our elders prayed for him this morning and prayed for his heart. I will be doing the same and I hope you do too.

I neglected to post this picture earlier, but I was so excited to be able to finally put a political sign in my yard after years of apartment dwelling.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Already Have a Two Year Old Child...

Instead of expecting the behavior the terrible twos bring, this year we are looking forward to a continuing trend of calmness from our child.

What? A two year old that's settling down and not reviving up?

I know, I know, we're excellent parents.

(Ash M, this pic is for you...)