Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas, even though a certain someone decided not to show...Juliet. She is still having a ball inside me. We went to the doctor today; I have made some progress: 4 centimeters dilated, 80% effaced. My midwife doesn't think I'll make it to next week without a new addition. Just in case though, we have set an induction date of Tuesday January 6th. This is all the details we have for now, so we're back to the waiting game. Please pray that Juliet will come on her own. I REALLY don't want to be induced.

Back to Christmas...Leigh hosted at her house. It was decorated beautifully and everything was perfect!

Taking our gifts down to Leigh's...Justin got Leigh a buggy for Christmas.
Justin had a field and stream Christmas.
Leigh displays her dish.
Daddy playing with his game.
Mama had a great reaction to her gag gift...Obama bedazzled boggin.
Lucy loved her gift from the grandparents.
Juliet got a book and puzzle from Leigh.

40 weeks
Can't believe we're about to be parents!
Justin's family came on Sunday. They couldn't wait for Juliet to come!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Curtains were hung...

...on the window with care in hopes that Juliet soon would be here.

We checked off one more "to do" off the list this weekend, curtains. Mama graciously agreed to sew curtains a few weekends ago and did a great job! Leigh, Justin (and me) put the curtains up. (and me) is in parenthesis because I'm not much as an assistant these days. I was a great supervisor and used the iron quite efficiently. The curtains turned out great!

Almost all the items have been checked off the list. I still need to get a lamp shade, 7 gold frames and another pack-n-play sheet. The frames will hold baby pictures of Juliet's great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and aunts. It's going to be super cute! This collage will hang over the dresser/changing table. Finding frames at this time of year is not easy. Everyone is sold out. I found one, one at Hobby Lobby. How crazy is that?

Headed to the doc this afternoon: 3 centimeters dilated, 75% effaced, minus one station. The only change is that Juliet has dropped LOW.
I don't see my side profile often and saw it yesterday in a huge mirror in a bathroom and I was like, wow, it's really big...yikes. Come on out, Juliet!
39 weeks

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 16th

Dear Justin,
I am so proud of you! All the hard work and all the care you show to me is truly amazing and I appreciate it so much. Your compassion for others and your desire to serve God is evident, and speaks volumes about your character. I am looking forward to our family growing. I know you are going to be an awesome Dad! I can't wait to see you two in action. Words cannot express how much I love you!
Happy Birthday Justin!!
Good morning, sunshine. Breakfast and presents in bed!

Homemade Pasta dish
Chocolate pie and more candles!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tacky Christmas and Nursery Pics

Juliet and I are still sharing the same body. The full moon effect is an old wife's tale...I'm proof of that. Today's appointment: Juliet has dropped and I'm another centimeter dilated, a total of 3. Even though she has dropped, indigestion is SO bad. I have little space for my stomach, meals are getting much smaller. She hurts when she moves. I've told her multiple times that it is not necessary for her to be cramped up; come on OUT! I now get the "you're still here?" "bless your heart" "are you miserable?" quite often. For the first time since the pregnancy, I am emotional. I'm tired of waiting, not only for Juliet, but about how our life will function, insurance, jobs and health. Today in WalMart a sweet, large woman that reminded me of Mamie in Gone With The Wind, gave me the sweetest, sincere look. I thought, "if she gave me a hug, I would burst into tears."
Here I am at 38 weeks.

Justin and I went to a Tacky Sweater Christmas Party friends from church hosted this past weekend. Justin was excited about participating and went to a thrift store in town and purchased outfits for both of us. He was kind enough to find me a holly turtle neck and snowman sweater. I didn't wear the turtle neck...I would have died of heat! I know I'm looking super good already, so a super bad outfit would have made me look that much worse. Justin took the early 80's route. He busted out some poly pants and white shirt AND a Christmas tie. He actually didn't look tacky. But the closer you got to him, the more you realized just how out of style he really was. The green sweater was a borrowed item...we didn't tell what it was for other than a Christmas Party.
I think I look like a
Back at my Storybook shower at the first of November, Mama, Daddy and Leigh gave me a big surprise, a glider chair and ottoman. It came in this past weekend and was ready for pick up. I was really nervous about the color and how it would go with the walls, bedding and curtains, but everything is blending.

Here I am practicing with baby.

Justin testing out the chair.

Leigh practicing her cooing.

Juliet's diaper bag is ready for action.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Celebration of Justin

Since the time of Juliet's arrival is tentative, I decided to celebrate Justin's birthday early. I wanted him to have "one last" birthday celebration. ha! It was like we were in elementary school again, we had a bowling party! I wanted to send out invitations, but Justin wasn't down with that. Wouldn't a bowling pin invitation been icing on the cake? ;)

We had a great time bowling with our life group/church buddies or rather Justin had a great time bowling. I didn't think bowling would be a good idea at 36 weeks. After the yummy cookie cake, the bowling began. They got in 3 whole games and Joe won every time! (Joe, the birthday boy is supposed to win at least one) - just kidding. Thanks to everyone for coming out and staying up late; it was so much fun!!
Birthday Boy!

Joe working on another strike!!

Ash, the Diva, with her pink ball.

Lindsay kept me company & Mark won the "best dressed" bowler.

Justin, Eliot and Stewart (Stewart is up past his bedtime)

Despite Alabama's loss, Baron managed to have a good time. Laura used to be in a lunch-n-bowl league!
Emily showing her skills; she can even make the bells on her Christmas pin jingle!

Justin tears it up!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Everybody Has a Different Story

Today at my appointment I found out I am +1 station, 75% effaced and a good 2 cm. dilated!! My midwife said we are "sitting on go" and should expect Juliet at any time!! She didn't think I would make it to the 28th. Of course, it's hard not to get excited. And who cares, it's time to get excited! Every one's birth story is unique and some people walk around 5 cm dilated for weeks, so, ANYTHING can happen. Shoot, I could even go past the 28th. But, my bags are packed and I'm writing up the birth plan tonight. We've been praying that Juliet will come on her own and I won't have to be induced. Please keep us in your prayers! We'll keep you posted.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Guess Who Came Early?!!!?

Sorry to get your hopes up (and mine), not Juliet. This year Justin and I got each other a new camera to photograph our new family! So far we are enjoying it and learning all it's cool features.

When we got back from our Thanksgiving trip, Leigh and I couldn't wait to get a tree. So Sunday night we headed out to pick the perfect tree.
This year all decor is up to Justin, so whatever he would like to put up is what is going up. I like Frasier Furs with white lights. So this year, since it is all up to him, he could pick out whatever tree he wanted and if he wanted colored lights, go for it.

He chose a beautiful tree. I love it. He did all the lights, garland and hung most of the ornaments; I had to hang a few though.

Me @ 36 weeks

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Summary

We had a great Thanksgiving with my family down in FL. At 35 weeks we made the trip (4 hours). I wasn't looking forward to the car ride; my last ride of 4 hours was miserable. But, thankfully, this trip was different. Now I know that I must stretch often and walk around. We only stopped 2 or 3 times each going and coming.
Daddy (the official carver) gives Geems a sample.

During this trip we were able to meet Miss Aleida Maria Booth Nobara for the very first time. Aleida is the first great grand and the first baby in YEARS! There hasn't been a baby in the family since the 80s! Aleida is BEAUTIFUL and was such a wonderful baby. No one was able to get enough of her. Ainsley and Richardo (her parents) did an amazing job and were such good sports about passing her around. Aleida and Juliet will be 5 months apart; how fun!! Aleida's smile was the best. She would start to smile and it would creep across her face and her eyes would light up! As you can see we didn't obsess much...

Justin & Aleida

Richardo & his "Little Lady Bug"

Papa making small talk with Aleida (sitting in her mom's lap)

Four Generations: Ainsley, Grandma, Aleida, Aunt Sister

Me, Mama, Aleida, Leigh

Juliet & Aleida's first picture together.
Even if I feel fine, I'm still looking really tired these days.

Of course the food Grandma and Leigh prepared was wonderful. I was really looking forward to the collard greens and turkey and they did not disappoint. Geems also fixed brussel sprouts for me. That's one food I can't seem to get enough of. The only negative was that I couldn't eat that much. Juliet has taken up so much space in my torso, my stomach has been GREATLY compromised. So, after the meals, I was miserable. I really thought my stomach might explode. Thankfully, it did not.
My contribution to Thanksgiving Dinner: Apple Pie
Papa and Justin fry the Turkey on a lovely Thanksgiving Day in FL
Fried turkey. Yum! Yum!