Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mamaw Gresham

Juliet was able to meet Mamaw Gresham recently! This was such a sweet visit. It was precious. Mamaw cannot see or smell and her hearing is almost gone. Sometimes her memory isn't good, but she knows Juliet!

She will list two of her greatgrands and then say, "there's one more..."
Then her nurse (who also happens to be her niece) will prompt her with "Romeo and..."
"Juliet!" Mamaw will say.

When we arrived at the nursing home, Pops told her that he brought a special visitor today. She immediately said, "You brought the baby!" Justin and Pops sat on each side of her and Justin held Juliet. She kissed Juliet's hands and feet. It was so sweet. Mamaw tired after about a thirty minute visit. I was taking pictures the whole time. There are some really sweet ones we will all treasure! Juliet will not remember this visit, but Juliet has a few tokens of Mamaw's handwork, crochet blankets and a quilt.

Centro de Actividad

On Tuesday Justin put together an activity center for Juliet. It was hilarious. She wore herself out. Leigh compared her to a person sitting at their desk with a million things to do, answering the phone, writing, typing, faxing, emailing, you name it. Juliet was so busy and loved it! At dinner she was pooped. Granddaddy was holding her and she fell asleep in his lap with no prompting.
What next?
Skinny legs!

I didn't realize how busy Juliet is until last Sunday. She sat through her first cradle roll class. It was precious. Juliet's hands were everywhere and everything was in her mouth. Everyone else was chillin' sitting back enjoying the show. Granddaddy thinks she'll be like Justin and Deda...always busy, never resting. Of course, I'm the opposite, I know how to relax! As Juliet becomes more and more mobile, it should be fun!!
Juliet in her ballet pose
How I found her after her morning nap

Friday, May 22, 2009

Love Me Some Family!

Juliet loves her family. So much so, she licks them. Whether they are here or not. The next few posts are dedicated to family. I've gotten really behind on this area, so we are going to go all the way back when Juliet was born.

Juliet and "Aint" Leigh looking through her photo album.

Geems and Papa

A few days later Juliet met her second set of great-grandparents, my Grandma and Papa (my mom's parents). They were able to stay for a few days. They were a great help while they were here. Grandma of course cooked some wonderful meals and especially the cherry pie!! Grandma also shared with me how to care for baby Juliet, from bathing, keeping her warm, and all they things they "used to do!" It was a very precious time and I will always treasure it! We got a ton of 4 generation pictures because either Mama or Geems had their eyes closed or mouth open! We finally got a few good ones. By-the-way, Geems is a hoot and Leigh gets her into all sorts of trouble. She rode in the grocery cart from Leigh's house to ours...

We also spent Easter with Geems and Papa in Tallahassee. Tallahassee is so beautiful, especially in the Spring. Easter is a great time to go. Juliet and I were able to spend a few extra days with them following Easter. Grandma enjoyed holding, reading to and bathing Juliet. Juliet loved sitting with Papa too! He got in a good bit of holding and played his banjo for her and even got down on the floor and played!


Juliet is so fortunate to have 4 great-grandparents! GiGi (my Granny and Daddy's mama) was the first great-grandmother to meet Juliet. Aunt Kathy was sweet to bring GiGi up from Florida for the visit. Juliet was just over a week old. We were able to get some great 4 generation pictures. Some think I look a lot like Granny. In one of the generation pictures, you can see where I get my cheeks from!

We also were able to see GiGi again Mother's Day weekend. A bunch of the Brannan's got together for my cousin Amanda's graduation from nursing school. It's not every Mother's Day that a mother gets to have her son, granddaughter and great-granddaughter all together! GiGi is moving to North Georgia soon, so hopefully we'll get to see her more often.

The whole group!

Granny with Aunt Kathy, Daddy and Uncle Kenny

Granny, Aunt Kathy and Juliet

Granny with her girls Me, Amanda (the grad!), Leigh and Juliet

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Laney's

This was Juliet's reaction when I told her she was going to meet the Laney's :)
I can't tell you how excited we were that we were able to see the Laney's while in Tupelo!! It's been a year since we had seen them and we've both made additions to our family. It was so crazy, the last time we saw Audra and Andrew, it was for Drew's baby shower. I remember telling Justin, "I am glad it's them and not us. I don't think I'm ready for months of no sleep." Little did I know, I was pregnant at that time! HA!! We broke the news that we were expecting 5 days before Drew was born. I can't believe we have kiddos the same age!
I am so thankful for blogs. It didn't seem like it was the very first time I got to see Drew. He is such a happy little guy, it's infectious! It was so fun watching him take steps by himself and become more and more confident in his walking abilities, just in the short time we were together. Babies are amazing! It's great the we are going through raising children together. It makes our bond even stronger! We both understand time limitations, frustrating car rides, spit up and diapers. I look forward to spending more than a few hours with them next time. I cannot wait to make some chocolate chip cookies and play Hand-and-Foot!! We love and miss you like crazy, Audra, Andrew and Drew!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some Cuteness

I've got to get on the ball and catch up! Anyways, I know we could all use a dose of cuteness, especially Juliet! Here's my little darlin'!

In her Zutano outfit. We had to go shopping for a bow the day she wore it because I didn't want to get questions~boy or a girl? (if you have a shower gift to buy and don't know the gender of the baby Zutano Baby is a great option). I wish Juliet would smile for the camera. She's so stinkin' cute when she does!

L-o-v-e the froggie jammies. Look at her cute little feet! When I read to her, I have to give her another book so I can finish what I'm reading. She gets so excited, she wants to lick the pages! This little book from Aunt Kama seems to do the trick. It is amazing to see her hold it like she knows what she's doing.

We've all seen the trends, wearing your jeans backwards, wearing your hat backwards, or even your shirt. Juliet is working a new trend in babyland, wearing her bib backwards. Or she could be a superhero! "Drooliet!" Her super power is drool! She even has a sidekick, Mr. Toucan.