Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look Who's Sitting Up!

Yes, I can't believe it! Juliet started a few days before we went to the beach. It is actually helpful! She still crashes, but is getting stronger and stronger everyday. She is already counterbalancing when she falls back. She can reach way over to get a toy and sit back up! She loves it and gets so excited. She thinks she's a big girl now. She's trying to get to the sitting position on her own, but hasn't done that yet. Right now she's trying to sit up from the flat of her back. She's got some serious abs! With a little bit of help, she can pull up on her own too! Yikes.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Justin's first Father's Day! We spent it at the beach! What could be better?

I made breakfast, along with Mama and Leigh to start off the day. The Dads opened gifts, went to church, rested, took naps, ate and ended with a beautiful stroll on the beach.

Just last year at this time we were aware that I was pregnant for about a month. We didn't know if our baby would be a boy or a girl, now we are parents of sweet Juliet. It was nerve racking and exciting knowing we would actually be celebrating Justin next Father's Day.

Justin is an amazing Dad! He has stepped up to the challenge without hesitation. He is truly a man. He does not shirk at his responsibilities to care for his family. He is sacrificing for me and Juliet and he does it with joy! Juliet and I are so fortunate to be blessed with a Godly father and husband. I look forward to celebrating Justin on this day for years to come.
It was great to be with my Daddy too! So many years Leigh and I were either at camp or Grandma's when this special day rolled around. Our Daddy is very special and Leigh and I are both Daddy's girls. The love he shows us and the care he gives us is amazing. He has sacrificed so much and I am truly grateful. This was his first Father's Day as a Granddaddy and he is is head over heals for Juliet. He does exactly what makes her happy and doesn't ever want her to be sad. He is filling the roll of granddaddy to a tee! Spoil, spoil, spoil!

Five Months

Before we reach the sixth month mark, I'll try to remember what happened during the last month.
First off, the pictures are becoming increasingly harder to take. This time Juliet could manhandle the dog I use in pictures. And I have to be careful because she can "jet propel" herself out of the chair! The pictures aren't super, but the subject is! I think she's a real beauty! I love the profile pic. It just melts my heart when I see her little nose and cheeks!

Juliet is still on a three hour schedule. Eat, play, sleep. Sometimes she takes a one-two hour nap, other times it's 15 minutes. She picks her head up off the crib when she hears a sound, so now I can't go into her room without her seeing me, she hears everything and she's fast! Sleeping through the night has curbed a bit. She's begun waking up hungry anywhere from 12 am to 4 am (she was sleeping until 5 or 6).
She responds to her name, which is so fun! Of course everything is in her mouth as soon as it is in her hands. Or she bends over and licks it! She is still enjoying reading and eating books, playing with her toys and enjoys a icy teething ring now and then. She loves to hear singing. Her favorites right now are "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," "Herman the Worman," and a few from Cradle Roll, "Mr. Sun," "Moo, Moo Bossie Cow," and "Little Birdie On the Windowsill."

She is eating well, and her spitting up has decreased! Thank goodness. I talked with my lactation consultant and she suggested I feed her only from one side at each feeding. She thought she might be drinking too much! We tried it and within a week, her spit up was drastically decreased! I am thrilled to say the least! She can make it through the day in one outfit without smelling like spit up!! Yea! Right now my goal is to exclusively breastfeed her for a year. She's only had breast milk and coffee (which Geems and Papa gave her at Easter).
She laughed out loud once, but hasn't done it again. She prefers laughing like Bert and Ernie or squealing. All are precious. She's playing peek-a-boo and loves to hear the words. She might be responding to that more than the game. I played with her in her crib and I squatted down and every time I popped up it scared her. She's responding more and more to Justin, which he loves! We get all pumped up and excited when Daddy walks in the door.

I think she weighs about 13 pounds, but we'll find out at her 6 month appointment her current stats. I can definitely tell a difference in her face, it's filling out. And I can feel it when I lift her, although she is still light. She's changing too fast, but I'm loving every moment (except the not sleeping part;)
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Juliet Today

I finally had Juliet's pictures taken. I'm really happy with how they turned out! I was dreading the experience, but it was a good one. Justin was off becuase of the rain; I am so thankful he was there. Getting everything together and working to get a smile is a lot of work.

Oh, that sweet little mouth. I love that expression!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Few Firsts

Last week I mentioned Juliet went to her first cradle roll class. Here she is taking it all in:
Rachel and Torrey do a great job teaching!

She went for her first swim, which didn't go so good. We think the water was too cold for her. As soon as her feet touched the water she started crying, really loud. Oh, well. She'll get a few more chances before we hit the beach this summer. Hopefully she will begin to like it more and more.
Safe with Mommy
She laughed for the first time last week, but hasn't done it again. It was while I was tickling her. She is so funny about being tickled. If she's in the mood she's ticklish, if not, she won't even give you a smile!
She's rolling like crazy. So now diaper changes are more fun! She'll flip over on her side and reach for whatever is in her grasp. We've changed ends that her head is on the changing table to help out. Here is how she ended up today.

Juliet, you do not want your head in the diaper pail!