Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stand Up!

Juliet is standing up in her crib like a pro! She did it for the first time about a month ago, but now it's normal for me to come into the room and see her standing in the crib. (She likes to gnaw on it too.)
Well Tuesday she kicked it up a notch, she pulled up on a chair in the kitchen! Of course I didn't have my camera or my phone handy, so I didn't get a picture. But I did get on later that day.
Now she's pulling up on me, toys and chairs she can grip (she can't get a grip on the couch yet). It is so funny because once she is up, she doesn't know how to get down. She'll start whining and then cry until we help her or until she falls-ungracefully. It is quite funny. She'll lay on her back and kick her arms and legs until you pick her up. Apparently the fall causes her to forget how to roll over and sit up. She looks like a turtle on it's back. A special cry comes with the fall too. It is a scared cry, poor thing. Aint Leigh even thinks it's funny. She was taking pictures of Juliet standing and just as she was taking the picture, Juliet fell. It is a great documentation of Juliet's learning curve.
Today while standing, she let go of both hands for a brief moment. I got the back of her doing this:
In no time she'll be cruising furniture and then taking steps on her own. Juliet's "baby" is fading, but thankfully there is still a lot of "baby" left. Below is a video of her new move. I'm so happy we have the ability to record this, pictures don't do it justice...although the one of her falling captures the mood. She also says "ma-ma," blows raspberries and fake coughs [love. it.]. Enjoy!

Isn't she the cutest?!! I could just eat her up!

Lake Lurleen

We made a day trip to Lake Lurleen outside of Northport, AL to meet CeCe and Pops so they could have some Juliet time. It is a half way spot between us. The forecast looked really hot, but thankfully down by the lake we had shade and a breeze! We spent most of the day there, had a picnic, and played with Juliet. She spent the majority of her day in just her diaper. Juliet and Justin took a dip in the water while it was so hot. Lucy came along too and enjoyed splashing in the water. It was a great trip for us all. Juliet was asleep before we even left the park on the way home!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Time in Tally

Following our fun trip to Panama City with Deda and Granddaddy, we headed for a 10 day stay with Grandma and Papa (Deda and Granddaddy were there too). We hadn't seen them since Easter, Juliet has changed so much. Of course, if you miss a day, you get behind. Deda and Grandma spent 99.9% of their time tending to Juliet, while I read and read. It was great to relax and let the experts take over. Juliet enjoyed her time with Deda, Granddaddy, Grandma and Papa. Juliet especially loved Papa's "pickin'." Grandma became quite the expert in getting Juliet down for the night. And Deda read to her a bunch!

While we were there, Juliet attended her first VBS! She had perfect attendance. I learned more about her personality too. I knew she was very busy, but she is gregarious. She loves other kids. It is so cute. She just lights up and smiles so big at other kids. She is also a little bit aggressive. If she wants a toy, or in this case, a Bible, she'll take it! I also discovered a love for stuffed animals. I don't know what the attraction is, but she's crazy about them. When she sees one, she must have it and she grabs it fiercely and smashes her face in it. Her attention span was great and I was really impressed how well she did every night, considering it was late. How neat is it that her teacher was Jennifer Butts, one of my suite mates from college!
(Miss Suzie and Mr. Chris, VBS Directors)

Leigh and Justin came down to pick us up. We had not seen them for 14 days! I was a bit afraid of Juliet's reaction to Justin. Unfortunately, she did cry when she saw him. I on the other hand, did not. I was so happy to see him. We haven't been apart that long ever! That Sunday was our 6th anniversary(July 19th...I'm still playing catch up). We celebrated on Saturday at a local restaurant, Cyprus and went to the movies to see Harry Potter! So romantic, I know. There are like a TON of pictures, so bear with me!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bay Point Resort

Mama and Daddy invited Juliet and I to accompany them to Panama City for a business trip. I decided that I better take them up on this offer because once Juliet doesn't need me for food, it'll be "adios Hilary!" Just Kidding, Mama.
We had a great time lying in the shade and swimming in the pool. Thankfully, Juliet likes to swim now. And even though we tried to keep her in the shade and covered in sunscreen, she got a bit of sun. Her cheeks were rosie, but she didn't burn. She actually tanned a wee bit!

Thanks to Mama and Daddy for the delicious meals on the coast and the wonderful time we shared with you both!