Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Year Portraits

So I am totally in love with these shots Robyn took. I am having such a hard time deciding which one to frame (big, over the mantle) but, I think this one captures the look I was hoping for. It looks like a painting!

These are also more favorites, although all that were posted on the photography blog are favorites too!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome to Blogland, Justin!

Justin has started a blog!! Tales of a Treeman. Check it out, well, tell your husbands to check it out;) If you know someone who likes to climb or is interested in saws and climbing gear, it will be right up their alley.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Baby Blues

Here's Juliet this past Sunday in her beautiful blue, smocked corduroy dress I had made for her (by Justin's "Aunt" Peggie). And now that she is walking, pctures are very difficult!

Our little Baby Blues has been sick all week...a first :( I am pretty sure she has the fever virus. A fever, fussy and no other symptoms. She doesn't like for me to be out of sight, so we have played A LOT and ALL over the house! It's actually really fun playing with her. I just hate that she has a fever. I know when I have one, my skin is sensitive and light hurts my eyes. The doc said to wait it out, unless she has more symptoms or her fever reaches 103. She has only had a temp as high as 102.  Thankfully, since I'm still nursing her, she is getting plenty of fluids.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Girly Girl

Love this! Juliet got two purses from Aint Leigh today...oh the fun!! She is taking them all over the house. When she sits in your lap, the purses come too. And when it was time for bed, she cried because the purses were put away.

Friday, January 15, 2010

We Have A Walker!

Miss Juliet finally decided to walk and she decided on her birthday! From reading Juliet's "signs of readiness to walk," we thought we would have a "toddler" by Thanksgiving...nope. Then we thought for sure, Christmas, nope. She did began to step out more a few days after Christmas at CeCe and Pops. I have some video of that. And I have some video of her making the decision to become a full time walker and I have some footage from today. Juliet was content walking with a finger. At first our backs were killing us, but between Thanksgiving and Christmas she grew taller, so it wasn't as bad. She wasn't using our finger for anything, but she wasn't confident of her skills yet. At Christmas she would get quite upset if she wanted to walk, but you didn't. Thankfully Granddaddy was there to offer a finger when ever she wanted it. The day before her birthday she tried walking a few steps, but on Tuesday January 5th, she took the plunge! At church the next day we walked from one side of the church to the other looking for Daddy. Once we got to the fellowship hall, she started yelling, "Da-Da, Da-Da !" To cute and a first. By Saturday (the day of her party) she was squatting to pick up toys without falling over! Really I can't say it enough, babies are amazing!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Precious Little ONE

Happy first Birthday, sweet Juliet!

I cannot believe today was the day you were born! What an exciting day it was! So much anticipation. You were supposed to be here December 28th and then the doctor thought you might come early. Ah, the waiting! I was worried what it would be like going from just the two of us, to three. When you arrived, a peace and calm came over me. You were a natural addition to our family. We "clicked" immediately!

Your Daddy and I have thoroughly enjoyed you. You have brought us so much joy! And you are such a good girl! From your very first days, you were a good baby. You only cried when you were wet or hungry. You certainly did not like a wet diaper. In this first year, we have only had 2 all nighters! How fortunate we were!

Not only do you bring your Daddy and I joy, but all those around you. Especially your grandparents and aunts! I still can't believe how ga-ga your grandparents are over you! You will have such a special relationship with them all your life. Grandparents are a treasure! You are often complemented on how beautiful you are. Your bright blue eyes and your sweet blond hair. Of course we think you are perfect.

I treasure our time when I'm nursing you. I love our alone time and the fact that I am the only one you need! I love studying you then. Your feet are my favorite. I cannot count the number of times I have kissed your precious toes. They are even a little stinky, but I love that stink!! Your stinky feet you get from your Daddy! But pretty much, everything is your Daddy's! Your mouth, your long torso, your legs, your toes, narrow feet, cubby fingers, your eyes. Most everyone thinks you look just like him! You have do have my nose though. You might have my chin, the jury is still out on that one. You are so beautiful and God created you perfectly!

Now as we are entering your toddler years, we are excited about your developments. Will you have a little raspy, low voice when you talk? Will you be more reserved like your Mama or mischievous like your Daddy? Right now is seems as though you aren't really a risk taker, but sometimes I see a mischievous gleam in your eye! Will your hair be curly? I have envisioned your hair as cute little blond bob with a huge bow, but last night after your bath and your hair brushed, a curl popped up on the back of your head! Will you be a Daddy's girl, wanting to help outside? Will your love of music continue? Will you sing well? So many questions! And we look forward to finding the answers.

The most important thing is that your Daddy and I teach you to love the Lord. We pray for that every night. The best way for us to teach you is through our example and we are working hard to be a good example! You love Bible class already and you love to sing about God. We pray that will always be the case!

Happy Birthday to our little girl! We love you so,


Our one year old on this cold, cold day: