Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Celebrating Justin

Since I am so behind on blogging, I wanted to go back and share pictures from Justin's birthday (12/16). This was Justin's first time celebrating with Juliet. Last year we were expecting her at ANY time. I remember that I had a special dinner planned. I made a chocolate pie at his request and worked on a pasta dish. I was so tired by the end that I didn't have the energy to cook the chicken that went along with the pasta!

But this year was different, I had a busy little girl crusing around. Juliet had not started walking on her own, but she loved holding a finger and taking off! Chocolate pie was on the menu this time too. It was special to celebrate Justin as a Daddy this year. He is an outstanding Daddy too! This month (December) Juliet was really getting into Justin, and needless to say, Justin was loving that! They are so fun together. Justin is always very helpful and doesn't shy away from a dirty diaper. The attention and care he shows both Juliet and I is stellar.
This was the year of clothing: sweater, jeans, blazer, tie, slacks, button down shirt.
Justin loves a specific type of sock, so he was thrilled to recieve multiple pairs.
Juliet likes Daddy's socks too.
Justin is opening Juliet's card; she's excited!
She loves her teddy bear card to Daddy too!
We are so blessed to have such a wonderful father and husband.
We couldn't ask for one more loving, giving or hardworking!! We love you, Justin!

Friday, February 12, 2010


How fun it was to wake up to snow! When Juliet and I got up, there was already a pretty good dusting. This afternoon we ventured out and played. Most of the time she just stood there, not knowing what to do. Then once it was time to go in, she took off down the sidewalk to play with the other kids. Enjoy the pictures! (My faborite is the 4th shot.)

This evening before bed, Juliet was being so silly. She is really into putting things on, jackets, socks, shoes, pants, and especially hats, necklaces and gloves. (Her face is shiney from the stuff I put on her face. She had rosey cheeks and nose.) 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Current Fun

While I am sewing rompers, creating valentine cards and painting clothes pins, Juliet is having a blast. (and we are having fun too!) At the end is a long video of Juliet walking around pulling her airplane. This is a favorite. She walked around for about 30-45 minutes and then again after dinner. It was so funny. She's figured how to turn it on too!

Last week we went for her first year check up and she still is under 19 pounds! She is in the 10th percentile, which is good, considering at 9 months she was below the 5th percentile and since then she has become fully moblie. She is in the 95th percentile for height. We have a long and lean little girl! We will be heading to the doctor this afternoon. She has been fussy since the end of last week and yesterday was pretty rough. Thank goodness Justin was here. She wanted him to hold her like crazy. The only things that kept her happy were going outside, the airplane and somebody holding her, preferably Justin. At one point she wouldn't eat for me, but Justin gave it a shot and there was no resistance! What a little stinker! Anyways, I thought she was teething, but after some council from ladies at church, I think it might be an ear infection. She doesn't want to take naps, she isn't nursing well, so fussy (which is so unlike her) and come to think of it she leans her head to one side. So if so, it will be her first and I'm so sad that I didn't catch it sooner.

Here is Juliet helping me with a Valentine's Day project.

Video: btw, what about her pot-belly??!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christmas Card 2009

I've got so much catching up to do, it's ridiculous. So far behind, I've even considered stopping altogether. But then a few of my lady mentors at church encouraged us young moms and shared with us how wonderful it was that we recorded everything...so here I am!

Here is our Christmas card from this year. I am so fortunate to have a sister for a graphic designer! I found a picture of a card I liked and she created it; awesome and talented sister!

Instead of trying to find time (haha) to take a family picture, I used one from the fall that I really liked.