Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Zoo Trip

Yesterday was Juliet's first trip to the zoo! We had a great time with Wynn and Jan. Wynn and Juliet are the best of friends. They liked holding hands. It was really cute! The video is on the way to see the elephants. Wynn is talking excitedly about the elephants while Juliet makes her elephant noise and laughs at the end.

It was cool and cloudy, but we were dressed properly so it wasn't bad. Thankfully Juliet likes her hat and mittens. Juliet enjoyed the animals, but walking around is a pretty big hit right now. A few of the animals were hiding, Jan and I spotted a few, but trying to get the girls to find them was too hard. I was most impressed with the cougar and the giraffes! We saw elephants, bears, deer, storks, flamingos, eagles, tons of other birds, otters, alligator, bison, rhinos, elk, apes, monkeys, gazelles, ducks, geese, roosters, zebras and a bunch of other animals I can't think of...the Montgomery Zoo is surprisingly good and it is so close to our house!

what's a trip to the zoo without a crying picture?

My favorite were the giraffes!

So tired she was asleep before we were in the car one minute!