Thursday, April 29, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Might Be My Favorite Video

I love the excitement she has every time she pops out.
I love her expressions.
I love her that her bow won't stay in her hair because she doesn't duck when she goes inside the tent.
I love her silouette in the tent.
I love that baby Ellen is along for the ride.
I love that she stands still in the tent waiting on me.
I love that she grunts when she's ready for me to say "where's Juliet?"
I love that she gets tired of waiting on me.
I love when she falls down.
I love when she says no she's not eating the tent.
I love when she says "peek-a-boo!"
I love her smocked bubble.
I love Juliet!
These are just a few things that I love about her...

Friday, April 23, 2010


Daddy Daycare is a funny movie that Justin and I have enjoyed on more than one occassion. We've watched it so many times that it must have sunk into Juliet in utero! (She hasn't watched the movie with her own eyes; there are attitudes I wouldn't want her to espouse;) But, here's the part of the movie I sing to her. Juliet might be the one and only consumer of Veggie-Os!

Thankfully Juliet loves her carrots (in yogurt) and broccoli!! This is her first time eating by herself with a spoon. I think she did quite well for a first timer!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Me and My Friend Wynn

Can little girls get anymore Southern than seersucker and bows? I think not.
Take a look at these cuties at the park today. They would only sit still for graham crackers.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had such a fun time with Juliet this year! She was really into hunting eggs. We practiced on Saturday morning in the house, so Sunday afternoon she was ready to roll! Really, she is so adorable!! Juliet wore a bonnet, a true southern tradition. Deda (my mama) made the bonnet for Leigh when she was two! I've worn it and now Juliet is too. She also wore my pearl necklace that I have from my Aunt Deda. Her outfit was very special! Easter dinner was at Leigh's and as always, it was beautiful and delicious! We had the traditional fare. It was sooooooo good! Deda, Granddaddy and my cousin Rachel joined us to celebrate Easter. I'll let the pictures to the rest of the talking...

Started out Easter on Friday dying eggs with the Simmons (Nathan, Leslie and Jamie is in the oven!)

Juliet helping mommy dye her egg.

Peter Cotton Tail arrived!

Our Easter table, beautiful!

Juliet slept through dinner, but we saved her a place.

"Big kids" hunt while Juliet naps.

After dinner entertainment. Leigh the Latino serenading Rachel. I do have video footage.

Oh! All the goodies!!

Out to hunt eggs!

Determined hunter!

Yum! I love jelly bellies!

Eating my bunny ears!

leftover bunny

taking tea with mommy

Serving Granddaddy tea


Friday, April 2, 2010

Juliet This Week

Juliet started out this week with strep throat; her first real sickness and first antibiotic. She was pitiful, but within 12 hours she was better. She didn't get her appetite back until Wednesday though. I am so ready for the anitbiotic to be over, so many dirty diapers. Example: today every diaper has been dirty! I'm over that (I know she is too).

first pig tails!

beautiful weather for playing outside!!

getting excited about Easter! She calls bunnies "hop hop".

Our cherry trees and daffodils have been beautiful! I took the picture a few days too late, but the cherry tree was a perfect puff and I had enough daffodils for a bouquet!