Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Really. y'all.

Where has the time gone? I cannot not believe how Juliet has grown. I just happened to flip back through some "old" photos...

3 days old
4 days old
This Sunday

May 18, 2009

May 18, 2010

Yesterday she was happy to put on her sunglasses! Then that evening she not only put on her shoes all by herself!, she paired all her shoes together from her shoe drawer!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

My second Mother's Day! I cannot believe how much Juliet has grown up! Last year we were celebrating in GA with family at Bone Fish Grill. A few things I still remember about that day: (1) Leigh, Justin, Daddy and Juliet prepared a beautiful breakfast for me and mama, (2) I ate Pow Pow Shrimp and loved it...which is huge since I hate anything in water, (3) I ate my first Lindor Truffle dark chocolate...it was heavenly, (4) Juliet had a major spit up, on Justin, in a most inconvenient spot, in the shape of Africa...her spit ups were huge and not unusual.

This year we spent Mother's Day at home. Mama and Daddy came for the weekend. We had a great, but short time to visit. There are a few things that I'll remember about my 2nd Mother's Day: (1) Juliet had her first allergic reaction, to wild flowers, I think. Her lip swelled up big and red and after Benedryl, she had a little blister, (2) Juliet was teething and in a FINE mood, (3) Juliet slept through dinner and Justin gifted me sans Juliet, (4) no mother daughter pictures. But we did have a wonderful dinner prepared by Daddy, Justin and Leigh! Thank you for giving us the royal treatment!!!

Juliet and Granddaddy play in the tunnel.

Thanks Deda and Granddaddy for my new chair! I'm ready for summertime sittin'.

For our mothers on this fine day, I made fabric flower pins that are all the rage. I combined a few tutorials and came up with these. I think they came out great!!

They look great pinned on your shirt:

Or on a bag. I knew Mama would prefer the bag option, so I made her one. The bag was really easy to make. I used a Heather Bailey pattern as my guide.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

About Christmas

Since I posted what I made for Christmas gifts, I had another project with a Christmas deadline: a stocking for Juliet. I had been on the hunt for the perfect stocking but with no luck, surprise, surprise. I did see one that had a great bow, but it was to rustic looking. I gave it a good look-over and thought, "I could make this." Oh, what a dangerous and silly thought. Nothing is as simple as it seems. Other than my issues with beginning a project and never finishing them (if you never finish, you never fail), it was more complicated than I anticipated. Thankfully Mama was on the scene (3 days before Christmas) and some of the skills I learned making the coffee cuffs made the stocking a reality. It didn't turn out quite as planned, but Juliet had a stocking none-the-less. My big plans were to make Justin and I, as well as all subsequent children, these style of stocking...I'll tackle that in my FREE TIME! hahahahahaha.

Christmas in May?! I'm only beating Hobby Lobby by 2 months...
Okay, since we are on Christmas 2009, here are some of my favorite photos. There are a lot more, but I can't load them all! We spent Christmas Day in Georgia with Mama, Daddy, Leigh and many of our aunts, uncles, and cousins on both sides. There were 21 people! A few days later we traveled to Mississippi to celebrate with Justin's family! We had a great Christmas!

At our house...

We put our Christmas tree in the sunroom (it has doors) so we could keep Juliet out and not fight that fight with her.

In Georgia...

Juliet's first Christmas morning & sight of the gifts!
Looking back, Juliet is so little and she wasn't walking then either! She just liked using your finger for balance.

Justin and I started a tradition of giving three gifts like the Magi gave Jesus. We know that Jesus was not born on Christmas Day and some studies (The Star of Bethlehem) find December 25th is the day the Magi arrived to see Jesus, not in a manger, but as a child with his mother in a house. Matthew 2:11.  

Anyways, Juliet had three gifts representing gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Gold: a precious treasure in any society, so it's something she really wants (although she didn't express it in words), a ball.
Myrrh: used for medicinal purposes, so something for the body, a monogrammed sweater.
Frankincense: used in worship as incense, so something for spiritual growth, a book about Creation.
Some things were hard to buy for her at this age. It will be more meaningful as she gets older and understands the concept. We are excited about this tradition and helps keep our focus on spiritual matters, rather than just a day to get and give gifts. And it gives us a limit on the number of items to buy. It's hard becuase you think it would be fun for them to have this and this and this!

We also are going to do Santa, but he only brings one gift, which partially answers the question about getting a ton a gifts for millions of children in one sleigh. From Santa she got ABC stacking blocks. 

Deda and Granddaddy got Juliet her first doll. A baby Hugums'. We call her Ellen.

Juliet made a handprint ornament for her Daddy.

A toothbrush in her stocking!

A shopping cart from Aint Leigh!

First Christmas as a family of three!

My cousin Cole (He's a medic in the Marines) and Juliet; their first time meeting.

Some of the family @ mom and dad's
...and some more!
See Mama's hair? Not hers.

Aunt Sister decided to bring the hat and if you said "Christmas" you had to wear it. It really was hilarious!

GiGi, Juliet, Daddy/Granddaddy and Aunt Becky

Rachel, Cole and Juliet opening gifts. Rachel and Juliet were buddies. Rachel got Juliet her first coffee mug.

Juliet and Aleida bless the family with a little Christmas music!

GiGi and Juliet reading.

In Mississippi...
Juliet was good at opening gifts by then!

Yea! Somewhere to eat my table food!

CeCe, Snuggie, Juliet.

Aunt Kama, Juliet, Mamaw, Justin.

Group photo!

The girls...

Aunt Kama, Juliet and Stew!

Perfectly Imperfect

One of my college friends, Shaunna, has a furniture remodeling business. Follow her furniture adventures and her attic remodel on her blog. It's a fun one to track! I am so amazed by her work and proud of her too! Go to her blog today and enter to win a chandelier!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Picnic in the Park

Friday we had a playdate with friends, Michelle & Morgan, Robyn & Ian, and Aint Leigh. (check their blogs for other great pictures.) Juliet, Wynn and Morgan had a great time together. The tunnel and wagon were big hits, but Ian was a big attraction! It was also our first time to meet Mr. Ian and he is so precious!! His smile is just wonderful! He makes you forget where you are and what you're doing, all you can see his him and his adorable smile! Juliet whined a little bit when I first held him, but Aint Leigh was able to distract her. The girls did really well together. We even "played" Ring-Around-the-Rosey; it was really cute how they all held hands. The best part was they screamed instead of falling down. We had a great time! I'm looking forward to more summertime get-togethers!