Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Indian Rocks Beach, FL 2010

Juliet's 2nd vacation beach photo shoot:
Look at her hair! Beautiful :)

"Daddy's jumping over me...that's the only reason I'm smiling!"

One of my favorites:

Post photo shoot:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh so Big

Well little miss Juliet is 17 months now; I think it's time for an update! We went to the doctor last week and she is 22 lbs.! We have finally made it above the 5th percentile and into the 20th. She is in the 75-90th percentile for height @ 32 1/2". So, as the doc said, she'll be a slim-jim. For her sake, I hope so.

Juliet is talking a lot. Somethings are quite clear while other things are something "only a mother could understand." She mimics everything, so many times I am able to understand what she's saying because she says words with the same intonation as me. It is so funny. One of my favorites is counting. Her favorite number is 2. She says 2 for all numbers! When I count "1-2-3", I have a certain intonation. She has the same intonation, but she only says "two." Love it! Her latest word is "swimsuit." She's heavy on the "s" sound.

Juliet eating quite well, feeding herself with 85% making it into the mouth. Although her choices are particular, they are healthy. She LOVES cottage cheese and asks for it up to 5 times a day. Since she is feeding herself and it's so messy, I try to stick to meal times for "cheese." And bananas are favs too, "nan-na." She says "beeans!!!" with great enthusiasm; this includes most any bean: green, red, black, lima, baked and says "pees!!!" too. Here are a few of the foods she says:
"a bob-lee" = broccoli
"a tear its" = carrots
"i sorries" = strawberries
"go-got" w/ the a head bob = yogurt
"a-milts" = milk
"wa wa" = water
"ah ta-ta" = cracker
She says goldfish, but I don't even know how to spell it :) She loves to dip her food, especially ketchup and says, "dips." Also if she wants to taste anything you are eating she says, "a-taste?" Many times if you take off the "a" and "s" you can have better luck understanding her! She loves toast too. If we go down the bread aisle in the grocery she says, "toast?!" She's not too crazy about sweets and when given the choice of chocolate shake or a peach shake, she'll choose peach! She'll eat ice cream, but when it's all gone, she's fine with it being "all done." Last night I gave her a bite of chocolate chip cookie and she said, "UMMM!!" She is very vocal about her likes in food. Broccoli even gets an "UMMM!!" If she doesn't like it or she's had enough, she'll spit it out by raking her tongue over her teeth.

Since we are on the subject of words, she has a bit of a lisp. I don't know if she'll grow out of it or if it will stay...we'll see. She is good to use her words when we ask her. Most of the time when I say, "use your words, please." She responds with, "please!" Books and blocks are favorites and she says those well. Good Night Moon is still a favorite and she points to the mouse and says mouse every time. Even when I forget where he is or my finger is covering the mouse, she knows where he is. She will say, "hush" too.  She also has a tea set and she will say "T!!" The one that took the longest to figure out was color. The only reason I figured it out was I finally asked her to show me what she wanted and she took me right to the crayons and coloring books. I think she saw me put it there once...super good memory! She says, "toulor," as in color with a "t". We have mostly stopped eating the crayons and are now coloring. I say mostly because I left her to color in her high chair and came back and she had chewed up the green crayon and spit it all down her white shirt. Thank goodness for washable crayons.

The high chair is another issue. She decided that she didn't want in it anymore. Not good. But thankfully I figured out what it was. She wants to sit at the table. Our wonderful high chair can be adjusted for height as well as the arms moved out of the way, so she can belly up to the table. She likes it and now it's not an issue. Although sometimes she says, "sits" and proceeds to sit in the kitchen floor to eat or so she thinks. Sometimes mama doesn't want to fight that battle.

She loves bath and shower time. She'll drop anything for that. She'll march to her dresser, open the drawer, pull out a towel and washcloth, march back to the bathroom, and open to the door. She loves it. If only her diaper is on, she takes it off too. She has shown an interest in the toilet, so I bought her one. She says, "TT" every time she sees it and wants to sit for a spell. Although she has not soiled her new potty, we are just getting comfortable with the idea right now. She loves to wipe though! I give her a square of toilet paper and she is thrilled, does her paperwork and tosses it in the big potty. ha! She loves to brush her teeth too! "If you so much as open the cabinet with the toothbrushes in it and she is within hearing, "a-teeth!!" The girl loves to brush her teeth, but not with help. She more like gnaws on her brush and sucks off the bubblegum flavored toothpaste.

Juliet is a good sleeper!!!!! Nap time is good most of the time. She can be out for 3 hours, usually in the morning around 10. But sometimes it's just one nap around noon. Sometimes we can squeeze in two! Not much for schedules here. Example from this week: Monday- 45 minute nap around noon, Tuesday- 1 hr. nap around noon and 2 1/2 hour nap from 4:30-7, Wednesday- 11:30-??? it's 3:45 right now and she's still sleeping! But, it is unusual for her to wake during the night! We aim for 8:30 but it is so hard to get to that point! She wakes sometime between 7 and 9. Nursing has ended. It was bittersweet, but I'm glad that she doesn't have to have me to go to sleep. Justin enjoys putting her to bed too! Although she does prefer me :) She says her prayers and if I forget she says, "p-rAY?" She claps her little hands together with her fingers intertwined and squeezes her eyes shut for a second and pops them back open. Sometimes she gets distracted while we pray, but most of the time she sits quietly.

She is also pretty good about mealtime prayers. She hold our hands and sometimes if she can't wait she'll steal a bite! She loves Sunday school and Wednesday night Bible class and LOVES her Bible, which she can say. Now worship service is a totally different issue. Let's just say, it's during nap time and Justin and I are both exhausted afterwards. It's all about survival. It's: throwing passy into the aisle, throwing a ball (that Daddy mistakenly packed in the church bag that a friend caught 3 pews up), screaming, trying to tear the songbooks up or licking the last of the grape juice out of the cup (that we somehow missed moving out of harms way),  always an adventure! Although this past Sunday we made it through!! And the Sunday before that she made it through, but there was a grandparent variable involved.

We love our little Juliet sometimes she's challenging, throwing a fit and banging her head on the floor, but most of the time she is so CUTE!!!! Justin has adopted granddaddy's saying of "sweetest thing in the whole-wide world." It's so true :) She makes us smile, she makes us laugh. We love her.

The end for now. I'm sure there is something I left out.

Reading with Aint Leigh (whom she calls "EEE!!!")

Eating at the great grandparent's in Tallahassee. Papa used this high chair as well as my mama and me!

Playing in the rain puddle. I played in the same puddle as a little girl!

Thank you for the fairy costume, Aunt Sister!
(we are at Grandma and Papa's house)

I love Daddy's little pink, frilly fairy!!!

Fairies get thirsty too!

Mommy's little helper. Juliet loves doing laundry. She makes sure all the clothes are in the basket, not an arm hanging over! She likes putting clothes in the washer and helping carry the basket to the bedroom. She put down her purse and book to help out :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A First

Memorial Day weekend, Juliet and I were separated for the very first time. It really was last minute too. I would think something this monumental would be planned WAY in advance, but I called mom on Friday and she jokingly said, "Why don't you bring her to us?" It sounded completely reasonable to me. It was around noon and Juliet was packed and we were on the road to meet Deda and Granddaddy by 5:00 the same day! I expected her to do very well. She is CRAZY about Grandaddy and of course, the feeling is mutual. Juliet pretty much ignores me and Justin (and everyone else) when Granddaddy is around. That's why I wasn't too worried about her. Justin and I were feeling foot loose and fancy free! We went to the movies, out to eat and cleaned up the house, ready to put it on the market on Tuesday! Juliet had a great time! She didn't call for us once and if she saw a picture of me, she would say "Mama" and go on about her business. Juliet is now weaned due to this event, which is good. She's getting a mouth full of teeth! I was anxious to see her by Sunday night. Monday I couldn't wait until time to leave. We all met half way again and she was happy to see us, but she would still hang with Granddaddy!


riding the pig
LOVE the was nap time!

taking back custody of our own child....daddy told people that he didn't know when she was going home, her parents were going to come visit her :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On the Market

As of June 1 our first home is on the market! We had our first showing this weekend and on Monday the 7th, we had our first offer! Isn't God AMAZING?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

We gave a counter-offer, so we'll see how it goes. We'll keep you posted.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let Summertime Begin!

There is no better mix than summertime and water! That's what we've been doing and Juliet wants to go "ow-sigh" all the time to play in the "wa-wa" or ride in her "wah-wah" (wagon).

Two weeks ago Juliet and Wynn played in the backyard with a large washtub of water, cups and toys. They had a blast. Juliet was finished after about 20 minutes of play, but Wynn could have stayed all day!

Two Saturdays ago we headed to Lake Lurleen to meet CeCe and Pops and to celebrate Pop's birthday. We had a great time. It was HOT, but the water was COLD, so it made the day just right. It was tough to get wet, but once we did it was super refreshing and kept us at a perfect temp the rest of the day. Juliet had a great time! She talked the whole way to the park (2 1/2 hrs); it was funny! And she didn't take a nap the entire day, so she slept all the way home and thru the night!