Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Little Fish

Last week we, Juliet and I, had a great trip with Mama and Daddy at the Bay Point Resort in Panama City Beach. We went with them last year too. What a difference a year makes! This year we spent all our time at the kiddie pool with the zero entry. Juliet LOVED it. We would play in it all day long. She was so brave and would walk all the way in up to her chin and walk back to the shallows. She did some kicking and rowing, went under water and even jumped off the side into the water! She had a blast with the fountain jets and her toys and floats as well.

Her obsession was goggles though...

The last day we spent the entire day at the pool. Juliet opted not to take a nap until 6:00. She was worn out; she gave it all she had and finally she had no more to give :)

I knew that Juliet was friendly, but this week it really was visible. She really wanted to play with the other kids, but most were just in their own world or Juliet didn't know how to play with them. It was so funny, she wanted to hold one kid's hand so bad, but they were not willing. On our last night she finally found her buddies. Two little foreign girls and they would hug up a storm and kiss. It was hilarious! Juliet and the little girls would giggle and giggle. It was really cute.

We ate at some great places! Mama and Daddy's favorite is Uncle Ernie's. Their Key Lime Pie did not disappoint again this year. Here are a few picture that were taken in generally the same place as last year. Also, Juliet was over Uncle Ernie's before we got there...

We had a wonderful time. It was a treat...just like this chocolate covered banana!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Family in South Florida

Since Mama is from Clearwater, FL (just a few miles from where we were on the beach) we were very near her old "stomping grounds." There is still a lot of her family that live down there. But most exciting, was that the day before we arrived, Ainsley, my cousin, had her second baby! We were able to visit with them while we were down there. Aleida (her 1st born) and Juliet are only 6 months apart. We were anxious to have Aleida over for a playdate with Juliet. Richardo (Ainsley's hubby) brought Aleida over for a dip in the Gulf and for dinner. Juliet and Aleida had a great time playing together. They are soooooooooooooo cute.

Later in the week we all went over to meet the new addition!
Viven Del Carmen Nobara!

Juliet and Aleida had a great time playing again! Aleida was so sweet and shared all her toys so well! She's going to be a great big sister:)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Beach Baby, Beach Baby!

We had a great time on our vacation, as soon as the A/C worked. That is quite a tale, but I'd rather not relive it. Let's just think about the good times :)
Juliet really loved the pool. Granddaddy bought her a battery operated fish that swam around the pool; she loved it!

The beach at Indian Rocks (close to Tampa) is beautiful! The water was a beautiful green/aqua and so clear you could see your feet! It was warm, but the breeze actually made you cool. More than one time I had chill bumps in the water.
The view from our condo:

Most days we woke up late (except Justin...he likes to get up and go fishing), enjoyed coffee on the balcony, lathered ourselves in sunscreen and headed out. Juliet loved getting ready to go out. One morning she and Granddaddy got up early and she said, "wa-wa ow-sigh." She wanted to be outside in the water. Who can resist a precious 17 month old asking to go out to the beach at 7 am? Not Grandaddy. When I woke up, I played detective and noticed pjs lying around, sunscreen, remnants of breakfast, an overnight diaper, no baby so I quickly popped out on the balcony. Here's what I saw...

Granddaddy and Juliet were attached at the hip all week. Justin and I really had a vacation, because Granddaddy and Deda took care of almost everything, Juliet even slept in their room!

This next set of pictures is long, but I love it! So cute. I couldn't believe that Juliet pulled her wagon full of sand toys all the way from the condo to the beach. In the pic where she is looking back, she is making sure I'm coming along...too sweet :)

That was tough work; time to rehydrate!

Juliet liked being in the water if she was held. She wasn't crazy about her shaded float, but I bought her a small star-shaped intertube and she liked hanging in it. I was surprised, but she would hang on all by herself! She wasn't too crazy about the sand. Justin and I tried to get her to help build a sandcastle, but she wasn't too interested. I guess she takes that from me. I've never been a fan of the sand. But this time I actually sat in the sand! And I helped build the sand castle:) I was able to get her to help pick up some shells, but she really just wanted to eat crackers :) Justin was the main contributor...

She liked watching and chasing the seagulls. But her favorite was sleeping on the beach!

On Granddaddy:

After eating crackers:
On Daddy:
Precious little sandy feet and ruffled bottom:

We had a wonderful time! Thanks Mama and Daddy!!!