Friday, September 3, 2010

Bonjour Fairhope!

We made it! The packing up was killer, but the move went smoothly. Packing by yourself with an 18 month old was not an ideal situation (Justin went to work a week before we arrived). We really appreciate Pops, Granddaddy and Leigh for helping us move. It would have been WAY harder/terrible without all of you.

We are enjoying our new house here in South Alabama. An additional bedroom, bathroom and real closets are always a plus:) Lucy is fenced in, so she's not tied up. She dug out within the first week, probably because of the week of rain (and thunder). Justin put up a barricade, so now she's fine. I think she really enjoys the grass and the screen in back porch that has a fan:) We've met one neighbor, who has a little girl that's a few months older than Juliet. They had a blast playing the other night. Other than that, we've met no other neighbors, but we have received a letter from the neighborhood association to move some of our junk! ha! A fine welcome.

Justin is loving his job and I am enjoying staying a home. There are a ton of cool shops in downtown, so plenty to do. Also, we love the library. It's been really good. There is a church we've been visiting that is super nice, but we still want to look around. We are also involved in homeschool group that meets at the church each Tuesday. They have a pre-school class and said Juliet could join! We start that next week. I really think she'll love it. I'll be helping out in her class.

Sorry this was brief, but I've gotta run. It'll be a while before I post again. Mama is having a lung biopsy on Tuesday, so I'll be with her. Please pray!!

A quick shot of the front of the house.

Sunset last Sunday night at the town square on the bay...yes, we live here:)
(taken with Justin's cell phone!)