Friday, October 29, 2010

A few videos

Juliet singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" for us 9/21:

Justin and Juliet playing with Lucy last night 10/28:

This one is a little bit longer but I like hearing her talk. She says frog with a "s" sound. She is not afraid of animals. She touched the frog right away, but didn't like it b/c Lucy drooled all over it! Justin handed her a lizard yesterday and she held it like it was nothing! Yuck.

What A Busy Time!

I have a few quite moments this morning to post about Juliet. She has changed so much since this summer. Her height, hair, behavior, skills, communication have all changed. Really, she seems like such a big girl. For speed, I'll do a list. Date are for record sake.

1. This girls loves to "match." I used a site to print out pictures from Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See? and she matches the front of the animal with the back of the animal. She was obsessed at the beginning of the summer. She would wake up and say, "Match, Mama!" (August/September)

2. When stacking her blocks, she understands that smaller blocks cannot support the bigger blocks. So if she gets one out of order, she'll take it off and put the correct one on instead. And AS SOON as she completes the tower, it's knocked over with great force. (10/25)

3. Yesterday she picked up Dr. Seuss' ABC Book and while turning the pages said, "ABC, ABC, ABC." (10/29)

4. She "reads" her new favorite book Whistle for Willie by Ezra Jack Keats to me, sitting in her glider in her room. She says while turning pages, "Will-we, doggie! Pete-ta, dizzy! pocket, shadow, hide, hat," tries to whistle. (September) Of course if you don't know the book, you probably can't appreciate. If she can't find the books she says, "Where Will-we go?" (9/5) Books are still her favorite!

5. Picked up her Creation Cards (large index cards with pictures of water, rocks, trees, nuts, stars, etc.) and when she came to the moon said, "Day wa-un, Mama!" And held up her finger. Just a few days off, but progress, she's listening!! (10/28)

6. She loves Lucy, "Wee-cee!" (May) She says a lot of "Wee-cee, No! No!" "Back" "Excuse Me, Wee-cee." She also growls her name. Too funny. She also likes to throw her toys and says, "I fro it!"

7. She loves being outside! We have a great yard. We been collecting a lot of acorns in her bucket and rocks. She tries to pick up a rock everywhere we go.

8. Obsessed with dump trucks, diggers, tractors, choo-choos, garbage trucks. We have construction on our road, so she sees them almost everyday. For a while she called tractor-trailers, choo-choos.

9. When she says, "ook, Mama!" I better be ready to respond. It indicates 98% of the time that she has done something not good. One day I was in the office working and I had left her in the kitchen coloring at her table and I heard, "Ook, Mama!" I went into the kitchen and she was sitting in my chair at the table reading her library book...not so bad, then she said, "ook, Mama, otion!" (say it ocean) Sitting on the table was hair gel Justin had just bought the day before. I hadn't made it to the bathroom yet. She was covered head to toe in "otion" aka "lotion." We went straight to the bath. The next day I picked those clothes up off the floor and they stuck! Of course she didn't get in trouble because she did think it was lotion. (October) Which she still likes to eat, by-the-way.

10. Prefers not to be near us during church. She has three favorite ladies, Ms. Julie, Ms. Karen, and Ms. Chesley. She goes to them immediately and is finished with us. One Sunday she would not let us take her to class, sit with her in church, or even come home! They had to bring her to the car.

11. She LOVES church. Her new buddy is Shepherd. She calls him, "Shep-herd." At church we meet before bible class and when the kids are dismissed she says with great joy, "Bible Cass!!!"

12. She loves her Bible and you can tell. "Taste and see that the Lord is good." On the way to church last night she sang, "B-I-B-I." She hugs, rocks and pats it too. (10/27)

13. Sometimes she's good, sometimes she's terrible. We have seen the terrible twos!

14. Passy was taken away 10-24. Justin cut the nipple in half, long-ways. At first she was showing it off, saying, "Passy broken." When she would put it in her mouth, she would spit it out like it tasted bad. Then when nap time rolled around, she was upset. "Passy broken, Mama. Fig it." Oh, that was so sad. It made my heart hurt. She's been great without and didn't ask for it again until Thursday. She didn't cry about it though. I told her it was broken and she said, "Oh-whoa [other] passy, Mama!" Smart cookie!

15. She's very tall for her age, and most people think, due to height and her developed speech, she's at least 2 1/2.

16. All colors are green, pronounced "gee-en".

17. All numbers are 2. When counting 1, 2, 3 she says 2, 2, 2!!!

18. Vacuum is pronounced "vac-e-room."

Maybe I'll get around to some pictures and videos later.