Monday, November 22, 2010

A few things @ 23 months

Juliet is so near two! I can't believe it. She is so funny and smart. There are a few things I wanted to document and not forget about what she is doing and saying right now:

  • When she sees anything Christmas related, she says, "Ho, ho, Kimmy trees!"
  • The other day we were laying down for a nap and she was restless. I told her she needed to rest because it was church night. I reminded her that Shepherd would be there. And she responded, "Who else, Mama? Who else?" I would name a few more people and she would say, "who else?" Finally, I said that was enough and we needed to stop talking. We bedded down and she whispered, "Who else, Mama? Who else?"
  • She has a new love for Sesame Street characters even though we don't watch it. She's found her love through a few books we have. Right now she loves a Thanksgiving book about Cookie Monster. We read it multiple times every day. She is thrilled about Big Bird.
  • When the door bell rings or she hears the door open she says, "Who's dat?"
  • The first sentence in the Curious George book is "this is George..." Today she opened the book and said, "This is George!"
  • We ran out of toilet paper in the bathroom and she went and got some out all by herself! It was under the counter and in the packing too.
  • If you ask her what time it is she says, "Nine-a cock." It's always nine-a cock.
  • If she is comfortable with a place, such as the church building or WM, she is a ham and a show-off. But if she is somewhere that she's not familiar with, she's shy. She's comfortable with certain parts of the library and the post office.
  • We pulled into the Publix parking lot and she said, "Cookie!"
  • She tells us to go faster in the car and run when we push her in the buggy.
  • She can buckle herself into her carseat. 2 buckles and a tightening strap.
  • She's telling us, "stop that!" Funny, but we're going to have to stop laughing.
  • She is singing with us now! Jesus Loves Me is her favorite song to sing. She also requests "ibby-siba" (itsy-bitsy spider) and "hipopas" for the Hippopotamus song.
  • She loves to "call" Deda. She says, "Hi Deda! Wha-cha doin'? fine. fine. Walmart, diapers, uh-huh. uh-huh. Ok. bye-bye Deda." She hugs and kisses the phone. Of course on real conversations she says nothing.
  • For the first time she said she was getting milk and cottage cheese and bread at WM instead of diapers.
  • She eats a ton of tomatoes dipped in ranch.
  • Chalky-milk = chocolate milk
  • She is into imaginative play! She told me she was hungry in the car one day. So I opened a bag of imaginary chips and she was thrilled! I gave her one at a time and I had to have some too!
  • She's sleeping with a lot of stuffed animals now. They play with us a lot too. Baby Ellen helps put the puzzle pieces in. Juliet will hold Ellen's hand in her hand and put the piece of the puzzle in. Puppy rode with us to the library and on the way she showed Puppy everything! From the ducks, to the "pool", to the dump truck.
Already learning to multi-task!
 Camping: she loved the dogs, she's chasing after them here.

 Fell asleep on the 4-wheeler twice!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

I am crazy about Christmas cards. I LOVE receiving them in the mail and I love sending them out too; especially now that we have someone really cute to go on them:) I guess why I like them so much is not only because of the updates, but because someone thought enough about you to send it. There is nothing better than receiving a letter in the mail.

Since we've moved multiple times, our list is quite long (at least 100) and we just moved this summer, no doubt more will be added to the list. Sending out cards can get expensive, especially postage. So, when I saw this amazing deal with Shutterfly, I had to jump on the opportunity! Shutterfly’s Holiday Card promotion: 50 free cards for blogging about it! If you would like to participate follow this link.

They have a great collection of cards! Here are three of my favs:

Fa LaLa Holiday. I really like this one and it isn't traditional green and red. Usually I'm 100% traditional, but this one seems fun. That's what's fun about Christmas cards, picking a design every year!

Confetti Flowers. This is a fun card too. I like that it's vertical. I like vertical family pictures the best. You can fill up the picture with more people and less background. When I get pictures, I like to really see the people.

Elegant Wishes. Okay, now this is more of my traditional tastes shining through. I really like everything about this one.

Ultimately, the picture we, who am I kidding, I choose will determine what card I go with. There are so many great choices. And I have no idea what picture I'm going to use! That is the most stressful part. Juliet isn't a fan of the camera. She only wants to see the pictures or play with the camera. Although, I am able to reason with her, sometimes. "You can see the picture, after I take one of you! Say cheese!" Wish me luck!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

First Halloween Activity, Pumpkin Carving on Tuesday.

Granddaddy was with us all week on business, so we had an extra set of hands and a babysitter! Thanks, Daddy!
We had a crazy busy weekend with church activities. First Justin and I attended a costume party as an Oreo and glass of milk:

Then we had a Fall Festival, Men's chili cook-off, Women's dessert competition, and Truck-or-Treat.

Finally we had our 5th Sunday Fellowship Meal (we were cooking fools this weekend) and closed the day with Trick-or-Treating with our neighbors. Juliet did really good. About half way around the neighborhood, she was tired of walking and then on the home stretch all she wanted to do was sit in the middle of the road and pick up rocks. We were out for about 2 hours! She was really happy walking around on her own and for the first time, she sang all on her own! She told me "Jet singing!" And then she told me it was Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. She also got the concept of trick-or-treating, after we left one house she would say, "Next house!" Most of the door bells were too high, but she did say trick-or-treat a few times and Happy Halloween! Throughout the night she would sit down where ever and dig into her candy. So as soon as we got home, she dumped the loot and got busy! When I would start picking up all the candy she would say, "No mama! Candy out!" She cried when I took it all away.

Thankfully puzzles and her baby doll made it possible to function again. She didn't really want to go to bed, but she wanted to rock baby Ellen, so we rocked together and I sang. When I thought she was asleep I stopped singing and she whispered, "Mama, sing."